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    The U.S. fastener market FDI was strong in September

    The U.S. fastener market FDI was strong in September

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    The US fastener distribution index in September was 61.5, slightly lower than that in the United States. But R. W. Baird analyst David "fastener sales trend is still strong".

    In the September survey, 57% of respondents said sales were better than seasonal expectations, slightly slower than 70% in August, but still better than the average of 31% in 2016. In September, the sales index was 77.3. A dealer revealed that "sales in September this year were 12% higher than the same period last year," but the price of fasteners continued to rise strongly in March, and 71% of the dealers increased their prices. This also makes the FDI price index 83.9 higher than last month's 78.8, which has not been achieved for two years (Manthey). The forward-looking indicators in September rose to 66.9, up from 59.9 in August. "The average prospective indicator for 2016 was 49.7, and so far, the average figure for 2017 was 61.6. In view of the strong FDI index and forward-looking indicators, the market situation may continue to grow in the coming months.

    The market outlook for June is still optimistic. 64% of respondents predict that they will maintain a higher level of activity in June than 45% in August.



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