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    Domestic steel prices fell slightly, mining prices fell below the level of supporting prices.

    Domestic steel prices fell slightly, mining prices fell below the level of supporting prices.

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    国内现货钢市震荡起伏,钢价总体小幅下跌,但相对低位的库存规模对市场有一定的支撑作用。铁矿石价格继续下滑,吨价再度跌破60美元的阶段性支撑价位。 根据国内市场报告,近一周,国内现货钢价综合指数报收于151.55点,一周下跌0.34%。从具体的走势上来看,周初受钢材期货市场震荡走强的影响,现货钢价快速拉涨,但终端采购多持观望态度,市场成交连日低迷,商家报价逐日松动。周中,期货市场接连重挫,现货价格回调后,低位成交尚可。到了星期天,期市又强势拉涨,现货钢市的成交再度有所放量。目前,钢市库存水平相对处于低位,而且主流钢厂的新出厂定价稳中有升,这都对钢市心态起到一定的支撑作用。 据分析,在建筑钢市场上,价格震荡偏弱。值得注意的是,建筑钢市场的库存水平,周环比下降明显,商家后期的销售压力并不太大。随着环保限产措施的执行,钢厂产量将会继续下降,市场到货有限。Domestic spot steel market fluctuate, steel prices generally fell slightly, but relatively low inventory size has a certain supporting role in the market. The price of iron ore continued to slide, and the price of the unit fell below the US $60 level. According to the domestic market report, in the past week, the spot steel price composite index closed at 151.55 points, a week down 0.34%. From the specific trend, at the beginning of the week, the impact of the steel futures market shocks, spot steel prices rapidly rising, but the terminal procurement has a wait-and-see attitude, market transactions in the downturn, business quotations day by day loosening. In the middle of the week, the futures market continued to tumbled. After the spot price was adjusted, the low position was acceptable. On Sunday, the futures market rose strongly, and the spot steel market turnover was again heavy. At present, the stock level of the steel market is relatively low, and the price of the new factory in the mainstream steel plant is stable in the middle, which has a certain support for the steel market mentality. According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, the price shock is weak. It is worth noting that the inventory level of the construction steel market is significantly lower than that of the weekly ring ratio. With the implementation of environmental protection measures, the output of steel plants will continue to decline, and the market will be limited.

    In the plate market, the price fell overall. The price of hot rolled strip fell slightly, the price of tons in Nanjing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other places fell 10 yuan to 110 yuan a week, while the tons in Shanghai and Ji'nan rose by 40 yuan to 100 yuan a week. At present, the market resources are relatively few, and there is certain support for the price. Despite the sluggish transaction at high prices, the lower prices are warmer, indicating that market demand is acceptable. The price of medium and thick plates is slightly stronger in the shock. The price of Ji'nan, Guangzhou and Chongqing increased by 10 yuan to 80 yuan a week, while the Hangzhou and Hefei prices dropped 10 yuan to 40 yuan a week. On the whole, the price of the market has seen a slight pullback after the holidays. The inventory level of medium and heavy plate has not changed much.

    The iron ore market is on the downside. According to reports, in the domestic ore market, the price of iron concentrate in Hebei has dropped slightly. Recently, some steel mills in some areas have begun to implement measures to limit production of blast furnace during the heating season, and the demand for iron ore has weakened. At the same time, the mine mining in some areas is also affected, the supply of iron powder resources is more tense, and the domestic market is in a weak balance of supply and demand in the short term. The price of ore once again fell below the price of $60 per ton, and as of 19, the 62% grade iron ore index of przewalskii was US $59.45 per ton, down 3.5 US dollars a week. At the same time, the supply pressure of iron ore is not decreasing.

    According to the analysis of the relevant institutions, from the recent macro and industrial data, the prosperity of some steel industry is rising, while the daily average output of crude steel has a slight decline, showing that the basic demand for supply and demand in the current domestic steel and market is still good. However, the market has noticed the recent drop in coke price and the weak price of iron ore, which makes the production cost of steel mills generally move down. Once the steel price is pulled up again, the steel plant will continue to expand the profit level on a high profit basis, which will increase the difficulty of maintaining the production rhythm of the steel mills.



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