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    How to solve the difficult problem of fastener dismantling

    How to solve the difficult problem of fastener dismantling

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    For different stainless steel fasteners, we will find some unusual phenomena in our daily life, that is, the fasteners are very difficult to disassemble. In order to disassemble the fasteners better and use it as soon as possible, the following three kinds of techniques are shared.

    First, remove the rusty bolt and nut

    First soak in kerosene for 20 - 30 minutes. Around the nut with the hammer, shake the rust layer and then twist it out. If it can not be unloaded, the nut can be heated by the burner, while the nut is heated to expand and the screw is heated lightly. If it is a screw thread, the hole can be drilled at the hole of the thread, the thread is remade, then the step bolt is reprepared and the original diameter is kept on the other end. The original screw hole is enlarged and a nut with internal and external threads is processed. The outer diameter is matched with the increase of the screw hole. The inner screw hole is the same as the original diameter, and the outer thread is coated 50 in the outer thread. 2 adhesive, then swirling into the enlarged screw hole.

    Second. Disassemble the broken head rivet

    When the diameter of the broken screw is large and loose, the hammer and the flat chisel can be slit out in the opposite direction. If the broken ends are higher than the ends, they can be wrung out into squares or twisted out by adding a nut to the broken ends. If the ends of the broken ends are small or no outcrop, they can be drilled on the broken ends, then cut into multi prismatic hardened steel spades, and the reverse threads are screwed out by the reverse screw. When the screw holes are allowed to be increased, drills can be drilled and the threads can be re enlarged.

    Third. Dismantling the spring group

    In order to prevent the deformation of the fasteners from uneven force, the screw group should be dismantled symmetrically. When removing, screw the screws 1 to 2 buckles first and then remove them one by one. For square or round parts, the diagonal or circle center is symmetrically disassembled. The long strip parts can be gradually loosened or disassembled from the sides to the middle or from the middle to the symmetrical and diagonal order on both sides. The screws that are difficult to remove are first loosened and removed. When disassembling the cantilever and multi screw joint, it should start from the bottom, loosened one by one according to the symmetrical position, and the top one or two screws should be finally removed, otherwise the accident or the deformation and damage of the parts can be easily caused.



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