On the protection of the living environment   On the social contribution activities  

On the protection of the living environment
The company set within the water treatment facilities
In order to remove efficiently into the water in the production process of metal entry, water treatment equipment design and manufacture of this unique. With this water treatment equipment can achieve strict metal material removal, to prevent harmful metal material outflow company, made a contribution to protecting the environment.

The use of alternative water washing fee oil lubricant
The waste oil instead of washing the lubricant is harmful to the environment, and therefore do not need to waste oil processing. The purpose of doing so is to enable us to become good corporate Protect environment.

Complete control of exhaust gas emission
The exhaust gas produced by minimizing the isothermal quenching furnace and air conditioning device, keep clean atmospheric environment, has made positive contributions to environmental protection. In addition, promote mutual employee carpooling, take measures throughout the company make a positive correspondence as the earth warm until the.

On the social contribution activities
For medical research contribution
By the trade and Industry Chamber of Commerce awarded the most outstanding enterprise award
In view of the student at the rescue activities


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